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  Got a feelin'

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Brandon Watson was born on December 17th 1990 in San Antonio, Tx. Being born into a pastor's home, he both found and developed his love for music and heart of worship at a very young age. In November of 2012 Brandon joined with Catalyst Entertainment Group. It was under their management that two years later on February 14, 2014, Brandon released his successful debut single "ALL THIS TIME". The single was launched to SiriusXM Kirk Franklin's Praise THE WELL, all major music downloading site from iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play. A debut single that is still being downloaded, requested and gaining great praises and accolades.

Brandon has traveled nationally and internationally as a solo artist. Brandon's latest single "Got a Feeling" has been played on number #1 radio stations in the U.S and all over the world. Brandon was recently a featured artist for "Kirk Franklin's Indie Artist" show case stamped by FO YO SOUL Entertainment. Today Brandon serves as a worship leader at his local church in San Antonio Tx and is currently touring and traveling. 


Artist | Song-writer
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Fall Tour Schedule

Location/Venue                         DATE/Time

                   Ignite Church                                  Nov 5th, 11AM-12:30PM

                  706 SW 24th St 

                San Antonio Tx 78207 



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